Josh Ritter: So Runs the World Away

Idaho native singer/songwriter Josh Ritter saw the release of his seventh studio album, So Runs the World Away one week ago today.  And the reviews are in.

This record is easily within the top 3 of my favorite so far this year.  Production quality, instrumentation, song writing…all are spot on.  Everything I’ve ever found lacking in his previous albums is realized here.

Rarely do artists get this deep into their career and come out with such a solid, honest piece of work.  And that’s what this record is; honest.

Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

“The result is this quite sensational new album that not only purges the darkness, but marks the finest music he has made.”
-The Boston Globe

He’s not the only one channeling the greats, but he does it better than almost anyone else today.
-Paste Magazine

Ritter’s wordplay can be dense, but his warm, inviting voice makes it a pleasure to unravel.

“…redolent less of the thrills and exploits of exploration than of the sad beauty of the unobtainable. Ritter suggests that the gleaming horizons aimed for by the boldest among us can never quite be reached, and even the effort to approach them comes at a great cost. And yet, we must quest on.”

So Runs The World Away is available via iTunes for the quaint price of 7.99.  It is also being made available at Starbucks stores, as well as other music retailers.  For a free download of the record’s opening track, head on over to

Josh Ritter can also be seen and heard via YouTube.

Go grab So Runs the World Away and you’ll have a good friend for all those upcoming summer car rides.

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